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Elijah Vincent is an Up-and-Coming Americana artist.  He recently released his debut album June 5th 2019. Raised in the heart of Tennessee, he came from a musical family, both his parents were musicians. During his up bringing Elijah never had much interest in playing the guitar, He said, "I didn't even want to try and play, my Dad was so good. I never thought I could ever be as good as him". Instead, Elijah found his passion playing the drums. He recalled a conversation with his dad, who said, "One day son, you will be much better than I am cause you just hear it, the music is in you"  In his early teen age years his family moved back to Utah, there at about the age of 18 he started playing the guitar. "It was a slow process" Elijah said, "Everyone that I knew who played the guitar had been playing for years, I had to play catch up". He played his first show in a little bar when he was 22 years old. "God, I think I was horrible, but at the time it was like a drug getting on stage". That euphoric feeling has never left. Elijah Vincent still loves the stage and entertaining an audience.

Aside from his talent with the guitar and his incredible, deep, and thought out storytelling approach to writing lyrics.  He has always been drawn to the Mountains. At the age of 25 he purchased land 

in the "Middle of nowhere" Utah. His dream was to build a Log Home by hand, and that's what he did. "I think I spent a lot of time doing all these other things as I slowly grew into the skin as a musician". Everyone always told me I should quit everything I was doing and just play music, I never believed them". That was up until the beginning of 2017. Elijah said, "I made my mind up, I was going to hit the road and make it happen. I fixed up my old 1979 Winnebago and I was gone". He left Utah and drove all the way to Nashville, stopping all along the way playing whatever shows he could find. It was then he realized "Man I can actually make money doing this". While in Nashville he met Jim Wood, an amazing musician and now close friend as well the producer of his debut album. Elijah said "After spending some time in Nashville and meeting dozens of producers, I decided I wanted to keep my music traditional". He did not want to get swept away into the commercial "nonsense" of what a lot music is becoming these days. Its been a long process with many obstacles to overcome but Elijah Vincent has been overcoming obstacles his whole life and he is ready to show the world his craft, a beautiful, sweet lulling, intellectually stimulating, and comprehensive product of great home grown music!